SIX WARES provides you with the provision of having a customized, well defined, secured database model that suits your business operations and enables you to retrieve information easily, rapidly, and securely. This is provided by seamlessly integrating with the client's Relational Database Management Systems, be it Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access or others.

Today's businesses depend on their databases to provide information essential for day-to-day operations, especially in case of electronic commerce businesses who has a definite advantage with up-to-date database access. Good design forms the foundation of any database, and experienced hands are required in the automation process to design for optimum and stable performance.

SIX WARES' database consultants have been constantly working on these platforms and have attained a level of expertise. We apply proven methodologies to design, develop, integrate and implement database systems to attain its optimum level of performance and maximize security to meet the client's business model.



  • Determine the basic objects about which the information is stored
  • Determine the relationships between these groups of information and the objects
  • Effectively manage data and create intelligent information
  • Remote database administration or onsite administrative support
  • Database creation, management, and maintenance
  • Information retrieval efficiency, remove data redundancy and ensure data security



Logically designed database - our experts determine objectives, collect and categorize data, arrive at a logical data structure, set up table relationships, refine and apply normalization rules. Efficiently manage data - afer which the data is cleansed to remove redundancy and duplication and then migrated to the new database. Re-engineer databases - in cases of already existing database infrustructure failling to meet your requirements, we restructure or redesign your existing database, establishing relationships as well as adding reporting and unifying the database silos. Creatively generate reports - we then tailor make you programs to synthesize automated reports from your precious data. Health checks - we maintain the database on your behalf by constantly monitoring the stored information and data and checking with test operations. Expert administration With full time expert skilled database administrators, you will not require to invest for high value resources for non-core operations. Cost effective solution Without a need for a full-time employee and having managed, and consulted on your database by specialist allows you to truly leverage your database with minimal investment


Web Database Development and Database Integration Services
High performance database software doesn't just happen. SIX WARES' database design and development team is committed to delivering reliable, high quality custom database solutions to its clients. We use the latest modeling tools to enhance the integrity of our database products and our database programmers use stored procedures and database triggers to insure maximum database performance. SIX WARES can also provide professional software solutions for your web database development needs. We combine superior web database design and high performance web database programming to create a professional database driven website for your business. SIX WARES' web database programmers use the latest tool and methodologies and web database design tools for our web database development projects.
Our database developer team has thousands of hours behind computer screens creating solutions for thousands of clients world wide. If you can think it, we can design, develop, and manage it!


01 School Management System for efficiently operating schools. It contais modules covering registration, enrollment, attendance.

02 Hospital Management System designed to manage all the aspects of a clinic or hospital's operation, such as medical, administrative, financial and issues.